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TV and movies

TV broadcasts

UCN and Copydan AVU media have entered into an agreement that allows students and staff to use television broadcasts for study and teaching purposes.

According to this agreement you may:

  • Show television shows for educational purposes. The Center for Educational Resources (CFU) provides access to selected television programs from several Danish and foreign TV channels, such as DR1, DR2, DRK, TV2 and the BBC.
  • Stream TV shows individually through MitCFU. Teachers and students can access the service on campus and from home.
  • Record TV shows on digital and analogue media directly from TV channels.
  • Share footage on an internal password-protected network (e.g. Canvas).
  • Share physical copies of a recording.


Feature films

Feature films, documentaries, short films and the like. is covered by the Danish Copyright Act.

You may:

  • Only show a movie on campus if you have obtained permission from the copyright holder. Copydan AVU media can help you clear the rights to the movie you would like to show.
  • Show films for educational purposes if they are available through CFU or the Film Center, as the rights to these films have already been cleared.

YouTube videos

YouTube and other online video platforms contain user-generated content that is covered by copyright law.

You may:

  • Show the videos if the copyright owner was the one uploading them. However, it can be difficult to determine who the copyright owner is and whether the video is legally posted on the platform. A lot of people copy other people's movies, pictures, music and more to upload it without the consent of the original licensee. These are illegal to show and share with others.

You may not:

  • Make any changes to the videos and/or use them in a different context unless it is indicated by the owner of the video or it is marked with a Creative Commons license.