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Statistics Denmark


Danmarks Nationalbank
The Danish central bank offers publications and statistics on Danish financial conditions including interest rates, exchange rates, securities, and government finances. In Danish and English

Statistics on Europe. Eurostat is the statistical office of Europe. Its job is to provide the European Union with European level statistics that enable comparisons between countries and regions. (In English)

The Danish Bankers Association. Provides an overview of central key financial ratios, such as CIBOR, SWAP, CITA etc. (In Danish and English)

The Danish financial supervisory authority. The FSA issues a number of statistical publications about the financial sector and regularly updates key figures for the financial sector (can be found by clicking Facts & Figures). (In Danish and English)

Forsikring & Pension
The Danish Insurance Association. The trade organization for insurance and the pension industry in Denmark. Provides the most requested Danish statistics on insurance and pension matters. (In English)

Industry analysis and statistics as well as global macroeconomic and demographic statistics. You can define your own table from different parameters and compare figures across countries. (In English)

De Kommunale Nøgletal
Key figures from Danish municipalities and regions e.g. expenditures for care for the elderly, cultural purposes etc. (In Danish)

OECD iLibrary & Statistics
Statistics and publications divided into themes such as economics, education, health etc. The publication OECD Economic Outlook is worth noting. It includes brief economic analyses of each OECD member country and other industrialised countries. It is published twice a year and includes  Statistical Annex with comparable macroeconomic key figures. The statistical module allows you  to define your own tables and to see various predefined key tables. (In English and French)

The Danish Mortgage Banks’ Federation. The website provides access to housing market staistics. It includes different elements and gives an overall view of the Danish housing market. (In Danish except from a report from the International Monetary Fund of the Danish mortgage credit market 2006/2007 which is in English) 

The Association of Danish Mortgage Banks. This website offers statistics on the housing market such as prices, lending activities, mortgage rates etc. Furthermore, you will find information about market conditions and market shares. (In Danish and English)

The Danish Ministry of Taxation. This website gives statistical facts and figures on the Danish taxation system, under the menu point ‘Skattetal’. (In Danish and English)

Statistics Denmark
Statistics on Danish society: population, living conditions, education and knowledge, prices and consumption, income, business sectors, external trade, money and capital markets, environment and energy, national accounts and public sector finances. (In Danish and English)

Statistics Denmark: Stat Bank Denmark
Detailed statistical information on Danish society. The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats and presented as diagrams or landmaps. As a registered user you can retrieve large tables and save them for later use free of charge. (In Danish and English)

Statistics Denmark: Statistical Yearbook
Detailed insight into Danish society through the recent decades. You can find information about the softer sides of society and you can find economic statistics such as aggregated business and governmental accounts, GNP, GDP, exports and imports etc. (In Danish and English)