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Sign up for SMS Alerts

Stay up-to-date on all your Library account activity! Sign up for this free service and receive updates on reservations that are ready to be picked up, overdue notices, and courtesy notices for items that will be due soon. You can even send an SMS to renew your items.

SMS Alerts are intended as a supplemental notification for existing notification methods (email and regular mail). SMS alerts do not replace the existing notification options.

How to sign up for SMS alerts
  • Log in at ucnbib.dk
  • Click your name in the log-in field and select “My account”
  • Click “Redigér brugerprofil”
  • Type in your mobile number
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

Please note: You need a Danish mobile phone number to use the SMS service.

How much do SMS alerts cost?

The SMS service is a free service offered by the UCN Library. However, mobile providers' standard charges will apply to any SMS messages sent from a mobile device to the UCN Library. Please check your mobile provider's price plan for details.

What types of alerts does the library provide?

By default, you will be signed up to receive an SMS:

  • When a reservation is ready for pick-up - with indication of reservaton number
  • Three days before you have items due *
  • When your items are 8 days overdue
  • When an item requested from another library cannot be renewed

* Reminders are a service which can fail due to technical problems. Please be aware that returning library books in time is always your own responsibility.