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Support during ChristmasJuletræ

If you need help registering your project, our support is available between 9-13:

Wednesday, the 28th of December
Ulla Larsen
+45 72690381

Thursday, the 29th of December
Louise Naomi Vetner
+45 72690361

Contact information

Karen Rask Mortensen
+45 72690383

Ulla Larsen
+45 72690381

Louise Naomi Vetner
+45 72690361



See how to register your project
Walkthrough (PDF)
FAQ for registration of final projects

Register your project

ATTENTION! Read this page carefully before proceeding to the UC Knowledge Portal to register your project.

Please remember to click the ’I accept the above mentioned conditions’ at the buttom of the page in order to proceed to the registration page.

Visibility, confidentiality and copyright

UC Knowledge is a knowledge sharing system in which you record and upload your graduation / bachelor / final exam. You must report your project digitally in a single .pdf file.

If you want other people to be able to see and download your project, please remember to delete your Social Security number from your project before you upload it to UC Knowledge.

Registration of group projects

Each student group only has to tegister their project once. Pleace remember to enter/add all grup members to the project registration.  


When you upload your project in UC Knowledge, select visibility level in relation to The University College Student Portal. You must consider the visibility level of the document you are uploading.

The University College Student Portal is only available for students and employees at the University Colleges (nationwide).

1. 'Publicly available - no restrictions' is no longer an option because the database requires a password and is only available for students and staff at the University Colleges (nationwide).

2. 'Internal access' the project will be available for download for students and staff in university colleges (nationwide) via login.

3. 'Backend - restricted to PURE Users' means that neither the registration nor the related document will be available in the Student Project Portal, but only available for a limited number of employees in UCN.

Please contact the project staff if you want to change the visibility level on the project, after it has been uploaded. For contact information on project staff, see the left column.


If your project or parts thereof is covered by a confidentiality clause, then mark the project as confidential in the system. This will allow the registration of the project to be accessible only for a limited number of employees in UCN.


You retain the copyright to your project, even if you upload it to UC Knowledge. This means that you retain the rights to - at any time - to sell, print or otherwise distribute the project.
NOTE: a publishing company or a company may refuse to print or produce the project if it is already made available elsewhere.

Be aware that your project can be downloaded from the Internet for private use, if you choose to make your project publicly available (option 1). The user of your project should always refer to you as the author.

You are responsible for making sure whether you own the copyright to all images, graphs and other materials in the project. If in doubt, make sure to mark your project available for internal use (option 2) "Internal access".


See how to register your project in UC Knowledge:

Walkthrough (PDF) 

FAQ for registration of final projects

Please note that you must be logged out of the library system before you register your project. If you are still experiencing problems our advice is that you try another browser. 

Register project