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Open Mendeley (free access)
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About Mendeley

Mendeley makes it easy to collect documents and citations from academic databases, websites etc. Mendeley allows you to build your own library, from which you can easily generate citations and bibliographies in projects, assignments and research papers. You can easily choose between different styles, for example APA, Harvard, Vancouver or Chicago.
Mendeley also allows you to share documents and citations and collaborate with fellow students or colleagues.

The reference tool consists of 3 parts:

  • Reference Manager: a library of your references/sources
  • Cite inserts references from your library to your Word-document and generates a bibliography
  • Web Importer: Browser extension which helps you to add references and PDFs to you library

Mendeley is currently relaunching with the tools Mendeley Reference Manager and Cite but you can still use Mendeley Desktop until further notice.
If you work on a Mac computer, we recommend that you use Reference Manager. The Desktop version does not work on the most recent Mac-operating systems. 

User guide

Mendeley help guides

Read the UCN Library's FAQ about Mendeley on "My UCN"