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How to search for books?

Search for books
  • Select that you want to search in ”Materials”
  • Type your keywords in the search box
  • You can search for everything! Author, subject, year of publication, format etc.
  • See also ”Search tips” if you wish to know how to truncate etc.

Search for books

You can sort your search result by:
  • Title
  • Creator
  • Date
  • Acquisition date

Sort your result


Narrowing down your search result
  • Select one or more of the filter options in the left side menu
  • Select one or more words in the filter*
  • Click “see more” if you want more options

*The filter options are listed in Danish. Translation of the most popular filter options:


  • Bog – Book
  • Ebog – E-book
  • Tidsskriftsartikel – Journal article
  • Avisartikel – Newspaper article
  • Netdokument – Web document

Data source:

  • Bibliotekets materialer – Library materials
  • Artikler - Articles

Refine your search


How do I see if the book is available for checkout?
  • If the book icon  is green, the book is available at one or more library departments.
  • Click on "Show info" to check the holdings of each library location.

Show info


Is the book available at your library department?
  • Check the holdings of the library locations to determine if the book is currently available at your library department or not.
  • If the book is not available at your department, you can make a reservation for the book from one of the other locations. It will usually be ready for pick-up within 1-2 days.
  • Books marked “Erasmus”, “Håndbog”, “Personalehylde” or “Semester” are not to be on loan.

Check holdings