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Company Information

Information about companies can be found in different places: company web sites, annual accounts and reports, articles from newspapers and periodicals, market reports and of course in company databases.

Below you will find the company databases in subscription at the UCN Library.

  • See also Where to find Articles – newspaper and periodical articles provide useful background information on companies and industries.
  • See also Market Information – to find information on the industry that the company is operating in.

Bisnote MarketProfile
Detailed information on companies and decision-makers in Denmark. (In Danish) 

Navne og Numre Erhverv
Information on Danish companies, economic key figures and annual reports. (In English and Danish)


Company information worldwide, mainly manufacturing companies. (In English and Danish)

Marketline Advantage
Market information database, also including company reports on international companies in consumer, service and industrial markets. (In English)

Financial information on companies worldwide. (In English)