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Virtual opening hours and online resources

All UCN Library’s physical locations are closed until the 10th of August due to COVID-19 and summer vacation.

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Limited access to library materials (Take away)

UCN Library has implemented a ”take away” access to library materials for UCN students and employees. Materials must be reserved in advance via Ucnbib.dk. If you want to borrow materials via the Take-away solution before the summer holidays, you must receive a pick-up notice from the library no later than the 26th of June 2020. 

Materials borrowed via Take-Away can be picked up on weekdays from 13.00 – 14.00 at the main entrance at Selma Lagerløfs Vej, Mylius Erichsens Vej, Hobrovej, Sofiendalsvej and Skolevangen. At Lerpyttervej books can be picked up from 13.00 – 14.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Until and including the 2nd of July 2020, you can return your library books in a blue box, which is located at the main entrance at all campuses. If you have trouble locating the blue box, you will find further information on the front door. 

The Library Staff will still only be virtually available and only in virtual opening hours 9 - 14 on weekdays. Please note: The library is closed for the summer from the 6th of July to the 7th of August. 

Read more about how to borrow and return materials


Virtual opening hours between 9-14 (Monday-Friday)
 We are ready for help and guidance on weekdays between 9-14. 

You can contact us at the following email-addresses and phone numbers:

Your professionE-mailPhone
Students at Businessbibliotek-hv@ucn.dk7269 8600
Students at Technologybibliotek-sd@ucn.dk7269 8100
Students at Healthbibliotek-sl@ucn.dk7269 5100
Students at Pedagogy & Social Workbibliotek-me@ucn.dk7269 3100
Students at A2Lbibliotek-me@ucn.dk7269 3100

Use and explore the digital library:

See which electronic resources that are relevant for your field of study:

Practical information: (Take away)

When can I pick-up my reservations?

  • Pick-up notices received on or before Friday the 26th of June:
    The material has been lent to you via the library Take-Away solution and is ready for pick-up on weekdays between 13.00- 14.00 until the 2nd of June. 
  • Pick-up notices received from Monday the 29th of June:
    The material is placed on the reservation shelf at the library and can be picked up after the 10th of August, unless you have contacted the library and made an extraordinary pick-up appointment. Please note: The library is closed for the summer from the 6th of July to the 7th of August. 

How do I collect my materials/book bag?
The reserved materials will be lent to you and prepacked in a bag.
When you come to pick up your books, please wait outside the main entrance. When it is your turn, you will need to identify yourself with student card, employee card or yellow card, then the UCN Servicecenter staff will find your book bag, and let you inside to pick up your books. Please remember to maintain distance!

How many days will my materials/book bags be available for pick-up?
Reserved materials must be collected within 5 weekdays.

I want to borrow books for my summer holiday - will that be possible?
If you want to borrow via our Take-Away solution, we recommend reserving materials no later than Thursday the 25th of June. After this date the reserved materials will be placed on the ususal reservation shelf and can only be borrowed if you have contacted the library and made an extraordinary pick-up appointment. 
The library opens again on Monday the 10th of August 2020. From this date you can pick up reserved materials at the library as usual.  

Can I ask my fellow students to collect materials/book bags for me?
Yes, if you notify us first. Send an email to the library. See the contact information above. 
The person, who collects your book bag(s), must show either the email from the library with pick-up information or your email to the library.  

For how long can I borrow materials?
The loan period is shown on the receipt attached to the book bags. You can always check your current library loans at Ucnbib.dk/en. You can also renew your loans unless another borrower has requested the titles 

Can I order materials which are not available in the UCN library collection?
Yes, you can order interlibrary loans from other Danish libraries via bibliotek.dk or order Danish and international articles via SFX (via ucnbib.dk). You can also send us an email with your request.

How do I return my library materials? 
Until and including the 2nd of July a blue box for book return with 24/7 access is located at the main entrance at each campus. If you have trouble locating the blue box, you will find further information on the front door. 
If you have business on campus such as an exam, lessons, a guidance session, or other appointments, you can also return your library materials into the box/on the cart inside the main entrance beside the Take-Away- Solution. The library will not be open for visitors. 

The UCN campuses will be closed for the summer most of July, and as a result, you cannot return books in this period. From the 3rd of August it will be possible to return books again. At this point we don't have all the details on how to return books after the summer holidays, so please check back here for updates. 

If the material has not been reserved by another borrover, you may extend the loan period.

Do I have to pay fees for overdue materials? 

If you return your overdue library materials before the 3rd of July 2020 you will not be charged any fees for exceeding the loan period on materials that were originally due during the campus shutdown. After this date you will be charged the usual fees for exceeding the loan period. See the Library regulations.
Please notice: Late fees accrued before the campus shutdown must still be paid. 

What do the library and Servicecenter do to avoid coronavirus spreading?
To avoid coronavirus spreading, the staff at UCN Library and UCN Servicecenter will be wearing gloves or frequently disinfect or wash hands when handling library materials.


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