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Return materials before the 3rd of July

I have received a recall notice. What do I do?

You could try to renew your borrowed items. If you can’t renew them, you must return them. You can return books 24/7 on campus until and including the 2nd of July 2020. After this date, the library will be closed for the summer until the 10th of August.

How do I return my borrowed items?

At each campus a blue box for book return with 24/7 access is located at the main entrance. If you have trouble locating the blue box, you will find further information on the front door.

If you have business on campus such as an exam, lessons, a guidance session, or other appointments, you can also return your library materials into the box/on the cart inside the main entrance beside the Take-Away- Solution. The library will not be open for visitors.

NB! Please notice that items placed in a return box will be returned in the library system on the following weekday. Check your library account the next day for an updated status.


Do I have to pay fees for overdue materials?

If you return your overdue library materials before the 3rd of July 2020 you will not be charged any fees for exceeding the loan period on materials that were originally due during the campus shutdown. After this date you will be charged the usual fees for exceeding the loan period. See the Library regulations.

NB! Overdue fees accrued before the campus shutdown must still be paid.



Published by: rkc
Post date: Friday 29. May