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Access to the library

How to borrow and return books

All library departments are open for self service borrowing and returning books on all weekdays between 7.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. To get access to campus you have to use your student card. 

If you don't have a student card please make an oppointment with the Service Center (opening hours 8.00-15.00). Find contact information here 

In order to limit your stay on campus we recommend that you reserve the books in advance and then pick them up when you receive a reservation notification. There will be no library staff present to help, but instead you are welcome to contact us by phone and mail.

Virtuel opening hours

All departments have virtual opening hours on weekdays between 9-14. 

OBS! 22nd - 26th of February: virtual opening hours between 9-12.

You can contact us at the following email-addresses and phone numbers:

Library department
Hobrovejbibliotek-hv@ucn.dk7269 8600
Lerpyttervejbibliotek-lv@ucn.dk7269 0198
Mylius Erichsens Vejbibliotek-me@ucn.dk7269 3100
Selma Lagerløfs Vejbibliotek-sl@dk7269 5100
Skolevangenbibliotek-sv@ucn.dk7269 6100
Sofiendalsvejbibliotek-sd@ucn.dk7269 8100


Delivery of books

If you are unable to return your loans, please remember to renew. If this is not possible, please contact the library.


Updated: 4.1.2021

Published by: rkc
Post date: Friday 13. March