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New students have now automatically been registered as library users at the UCN Library.

What is my user number and pin code? 

All students and employees must log in to the library’s webpage, ucnbib.dk, using their full health security number (10 digits). 

If you are a newly registered user, you will have received a standard pin code, which you can obtain by logging in to Pointer and reading the library’s post from 25.02.18: “Important update to new students from the library”. You can contact your local library department as well. 

We recommend, that you change the pin code to a personal 4-digit pin code of your own choice. 
You can change your pin code by logging in to ucnbib.dk/en and choosing “My account” and “Edit user profile”.  

Students and employees, who have been registered earlier – either by attending another programme earlier or by being registered manually at the library - have maintained their former pin code. 
If you have any problems logging in, please contact your local library or send an e-mail to bibliotek@ucn.dk.

Reservation notifications and recall notices via e-mail and sms

During the automatic user import we have had to overwrite all private e-mail addresses with the UCN e-mail address, that the study administrative system has registered all students and employees under. You have the possibility of changing the UCN e-mail address to a personal e-mail address by logging in to ucnbib.dk/en and choosing "My account" and "Edit user profile. Pleace check your mobile number as well. We can only send text messages to Danish mobile numbers.