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The UCN Library is introducing new fine regulations on September 1, 2017.

How does the new regulations affect me?

Fines are now charged per borrowed item. 


Loan period exceeded byFine
1-7 days0 dkr.
8-30 days10 dkr. pr. unit
31 days or more25 kr. pr. unit + compensation claim*

*Compensation claim: The item's replacement price + an administration fee of 50 dkr. pr. unit.

The library is now only sending 2 return notices before a compensation claim is made. 

TimeType of notice
3 days before due dateReturn reminder by SMS and email
8 days overdueReturn notice by SMS and email
31 days overdue
A compensation claim is made
An account balance* is sent to your eBoks

*The account balance is a statement of your accrued fine, i.e. compensation claims and fines. If your library fines exceed 100 dkr., you will likewise receive an account balance.   

If you return the borrowed items, after you receive the account balance, you will only be required to pay the fine and not the compensation claim.

Please notice! Reminders are a service, which can fail due to technical problems. Please be aware that returning library books in time is always your own responsibility.

Avoid fines – return your books in time

From September 5 2017 all loans that are 8 days or more overdue will be charged with a fine. 

Library regulations of the UCN Library

See "Library regulations"