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The UCN Library is an educational library for all of the educations at UCN.

The primary function of the UCN Library is to provide students, teachers, and other staff at UCN with high quality information and knowledge through user-friendly systems, guidance, and training. We cover the following professions: education and social, health, business and technology.

The library collections and electronic resources are targeted towards the educations at UCN, and the employees in the library departments are specialists in information seeking, and they are able to guide the students within the subject areas at UCN.

By being divided into six different units, the library at UCN is always prepared to support the every day life of students.

The library sections are decorated as study areas where students are able to sit alone or with other students, while working on assignments. The library offers relevant literature and the employees are ready to help the students find the right information for assignments.

Read more about the UCN library on this website.

We look forward to seeing you at the library!